Mobile Phone & Device AccessMobile Phone & Device Access

Full Sync *

Full Sync

Imagine if you could have your e-mail, tasks, calendar appointments and contacts all synchronised and updated on your phone, so you never have to maintain 2 different address books again or remember to add an appointment to your phone. With a suitable phone you can have just that. No cables required to sync, and your phone updated as things change so you’re always up to date.

Basic E-Mail *

Basic E-Mail

If you have an older device, or one that isn’t quite as clever, many devices still support basic e-mail access, and Agility Mail loves them too. Depending on the phone you’ll still be able to review incoming e-mail and reply as if you were in the office.

Blackberry & iPhone *

Blackberry & iPhone

We know, they’re popular. You have one. The good news is that we knew you would, and Agility Mail can talk to them and give you access to e-mail on the go. Depending on what you have, you may need a supplemental subscription from us as some (like Blackberry) have special requirements. Don’t worry though users of other Phones (such as Nokia, Palm Pre etc) – it works with them too.

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