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Agility Mail gives you a fully featured Hosted Exchange E-Mail service with generous storage allowances (10GB on Pro!), support for Mobile Devices so you can work on the go and a huge range of features designed to make business easier.

To help you see what Agility Mail can do, we’ve prepared a “Tour” of the key Messaging & Collaboration features of Agility Mail in this section. We’ve also put together “Agility Mail for You” which shows you some common usage scenarios so you can see the type of thing people use the service for.

Don’t forget, you can contact us (the number is at the top of the page) to discuss the service if you want to know anything about it or even sign up.

Why Use Agility Mail?

Why Use Agility Mail?Why Use Agility Mail?

Discover why Agility Mail is more than just an e-mail service

Features of Agility Mail

Features of Agility MailFeatures of Agility Mail

Take a tour of some of the advanced features available

About VPW Systems (UK) Ltd & Agility Products

About VPW Systems (UK) Ltd & Agility ProductsAbout VPW Systems (UK) Ltd & Agility Products

Find out what other Agility Products are available to buy