Agility Mail for youAgility Mail for you


To help you see how Agility Mail can help you, we’ve put together some scenarios that show how Agility Mail can be used to improve your business, partnership or charity.

Agility Mail for Estate Agents

Agility Mail for Estate AgentsAgility Mail for Estate Agents

Find out how a group of Estate Agents with several offices can use Agility Mail to improve its ability to respond, improve customer service and close deals faster.

Agility Mail for charities

Agility Mail for charitiesAgility Mail for charities

See how a charity with limited funds and part-time staff can use Agility Mail to make it easier to manage the charity, keep in touch with associates and those supporting them with Agility Mail services.

How Agility Mail works for Dave the Plumber

How Agility Mail works for Dave the PlumberHow Agility Mail works for Dave the Plumber

Dave is your typical “one man band” – always out, never able to sit in “the office” and keep up to date with his e-mail, supplier offers and invoices, let alone the new enquiries for work and appointment book. Agility Mail can make life a lot easier for any sole trader, see how.