Why Use Agility Mail?Why Use Agility Mail?


Agility Mail makes e-mail easier, more reliable, offers more extensive capabilities & features than traditional e-mail services. Have you ever wanted to get access to your e-mail away from the Office, such as while on Holiday or when visiting one of your customers?

Perhaps you find it frustrating that you sit on a train for hours each week and end up with your e-mail backing up in the office and wish you could just deal with it on the train and be done with it.

Would you like the ability to share your calendar with other colleagues or send/delegate tasks to others, or have a shared space to save important e-mails on key projects with your staff.

Those are a few reasons that Agility Mail can make your life easier and reduce the burden of e-mail allowing you to focus on your business objectives and not your e-mail inbox.

Key features of Agility Mail Pro include: