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If you have a Mobile Phone which supports E-Mail Services, and an Agility Mail Pro account, you can take full advantage of those phones in conjunction with Agility Mail. There are different levels of compatibility depending on the device and software running on it, plus devices we recommend for use or have tested. If your device isn’t listed here, ask us about it.

The table below shows you typical devices and how well they’re supported for use with Agility Mail. To get the best possible experience, we recommend using a device which has “Level 1” support as well as a “Yes” on all 3 columns as it will give you the best experience.

Device Support
Recommendation Level
  Capability Recommended? Supported? Manufacturer?
Nokia E71 Level 1 Yes Yes Yes
Nokia 5800 Level 1 Yes Yes Yes
BenQ XYZ Level 1 Yes Yes Yes
Blackberry Device with BIS Level 2 Yes Yes Yes
Blackberry Device with BES Level 1 Yes Yes** Yes
Apple iPhone Level 1 Yes Yes Yes
Nokia N97 Level 1 Yes Yes Yes
Nokia E72 Level 1 Yes Yes Yes
Nokia N900 Level 1 Yes Yes Yes
Windows Mobile Devices
(with ActiveSync)*
Level 1 Yes Partial Yes
Palm Pre Level 1 No Partial Yes
HTC Hero, Magic, Legend Level 2 Yes Partial Yes
Non-Windows Mobile Devices claiming to support  ActiveSync Varies No Limited Varies
Other Nokia Devices
with "Mail for Exchange"
Varies Varies Partial Yes

* Applies to most devices with Windows Mobile 6 or 6.5 – check with your manufacturer
** You must have BES with your mobile operator plus the Agility Mail BES add-in

What does “Recommended”, “Supported” and “Manufacturer” mean?

If a device is “Recommended” it means that our Support Team recommend using this device with Agility Mail, and that we have full support in-house for it, so if you need help we’ll definitely be able to help you with any issues you have.

If a device is “Supported” it means that we support using this device and we’ve either tested it or have confirmed reports of it working in the real world with Agility Mail customers. They should work as well as a recommended phone, but we can’t be absolutely sure. We may only be able to offer Partial support as we don’t have every possible device available in our labs to test with.

If a device has “Manufacturer Support” it means that according to the people who make the device, it should support some or all features of Agility Mail (depending on the Capability Level) however we don’t have any specific information and our Support Team can’t guarantee help or assistance with the equipment. Where possible we always recommend using a recommended device, but you’re welcome to use other devices if you prefer.

What are the Capability Levels?

The level of Capability reflects the degree of support the device has to use Agility Mail features. The best devices are Level 1 – this means they should work with the full range of sync options including Calendars, Contacts, Sent Items, Inboxes, and Tasks so are a best fit for the service.

Level 2 Devices will support basic E-Mail collection, plus some other features (which may vary by device), and we recommend you look for a Level 1 device where feasible. If you can’t, then a Level 2 device will often be the next best choice and always preferable to a Level 3 Device.

Level 3 devices only support basic E-Mail Collection via POP-3 or IMAP services, and do not include any of the additional sync options such as Contacts or Calendars, and have limited or no support for things like Sent Items synchronisation. These devices are best suited to basic e-mail user needs only.