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Syncing just became a cinch ...Syncing just became a cinch ...

Using Agility Mail Hosted Exchange, you can keep on top of your e-mail, appointments and contact details for customers & suppliers too! Take Pro and you can benefit from huge storage and mobile phone support - including iPhone, Nokia & Blackberry*.

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E-Mail on the go with Mobile SupportE-Mail on the go with Mobile Support

Mobile E-Mail is incredibly useful and can improve your responsiveness to customers & your teams.

Agility Mail supports leading mobile phones – enabling you to read & respond to e-mail, check your calendar and access your contacts wherever you are without going back to the office.

Great for TeamsGreat for Teams

If you manage a team, using Agility Mail means you can share calendars, have central contact lists, delegate tasks to each other and store key e-mail information on projects in one place so everyone can keep up to date.

If you’re out of the office a lot, mobile access will keep projects moving.

Store Huge Amounts of MailStore Huge Amounts of Mail

Fed up with having to constantly delete and manage your e-mail to avoid “Mailbox Full” situations? Agility Mail takes care of that, with a massive 10GB of e-mail storage per user on Pro. Keep those important e-mails so you can look back at old projects in the future.

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No Hardware or Software to buyNo Hardware or Software to buy

Agility Mail can be used from your Web Browser, via Outlook 2007 or Entourage (included with Pro), and even on your Mobile (such as Nokia, iPhone, or Blackberry). No expensive servers to buy & maintain.

Even better, you don’t have to remember to backup your server – Agility Mail has backup by design, letting you focus on your business.

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Agility Mail for you

Agility Mail for youAgility Mail for you

Find out how different businesses & charities just like yours can use Agility Mail to make life easier and more productive

Features of Agility Mail

Features of Agility MailFeatures of Agility Mail

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Agility Mail for charities

Agility Mail for charitiesAgility Mail for charities

Run a charity? We offer special rates and services so you too can take advantage of Agility Mail

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