Bringing your existing E-Mail with youBringing your existing E-Mail with you


Importing your old E-Mail

You can bring your existing e-mail to us in 2 ways. Firstly, your actual e-mail can often be imported into Agility Mail – particularly if you used a service that worked with Outlook, Windows Mail, Outlook Express or similar. We offer a managed migration option where we’ll assist and get this done for you if you prefer.

Review our Frequently Asked Questions if this is what you want to do.

Keeping your old E-Mail Accounts

Sometimes you might have an existing E-Mail Account with another provider which you need to keep available, but want to get the power and advantage of Agility Mail too, even if it’s just for a while during changeover. We understand that, and so Agility Mail can let you collect e-mail from an existing POP-3 Mailbox and receive it into your Agility Mail Mailboxes.

This service works for almost all providers who offer a POP-3 Mailbox collection option, although we are aware of a very small number of providers that limit access to when you’re connected using them – they’re fortunately the exception not the rule!

How to set it up

If you want to keep receiving messages from your old/alternative accounts into Agility Mail, you’ll just need to purchase the Optional Extra Collection Service, and great value at just £1 per month (per account) (which covers our costs of providing this facility).

To arrange this, you’ll need to know the following:

Next you just need to contact Agility Mail Support and we can get you setup.

What happens next?

Once you’re setup, our systems will check approximately every 5 minutes for messages on your old account and then deliver them to Agility Mail.

Can I have more than 1 Account?

Yes, we can receive as many of your old accounts into Agility Mail as you wish, each with a charge of just 50p per month.