Using Agility Mail Web Mail Service to access e-mail on another computerUsing Agility Mail Web Mail Service to access e-mail on another computer

All Agility Mail users can make use of the "Web Mail" service allowing you to access, review, and edit e-mail messages, contacts and calendar entries from most computer systems. You won't need Outlook installed and it is useful if you're working on another computer temporarily, at a net cafe or other location away. Many customers use Agility Mail Web Mail exclusively at all times.

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Logging into Web Mail:

For the very best experience using Web Mail we recommend always using the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer to access the site - other browsers will normally work, but some functionality may be reduced.

  1. To get started, open your preferred web browser and visit - you should see the following web page:

Outlook Mobile / Web Mail Login

  1. Once you are on this screen enter your Agility Mail username and password into the yellow boxes. 

    TIP: Your username will look something like this:               ABC001.alias

Basic Inbox and E-Mail Features

After logging in you are taken to the mail section by default, shown below.

Web Mail - basic view [click to view full sized]
[ click to view a full sized version ]

The screen is divided into three sections.  On the left is the “folder list”.  You can use the folders list to navigate around your account into the standard folders such as “Sent items”, which includes any mail you have sent.  You can also create your own folders to help you stay organised.  If you want to do this, right click onto the folder that you want to create the new folder within and then select “New folder”.

The middle part of the screen is used to view the contents of the folder you selected from the “folders list” above.  We’ll call it the “items list” in this document.

On the right hand side of the screen is the “preview pane”.  The preview pane allows you to read and manage emails selected in the “items list” without having to open them up into a new, separate window.

Below is a close up on an email in the Items view along with the available shortcuts:

Message View [click to view full size]
[ click to view a full sized version ]

Creating & Sending E-Mail Messages

To send an email you need to firstly ensure you’re in the mail screen.  You can do this by clicking the mail button in the bottom left of your screen:

Mail Tab

Now that you are in the mail screen click on the “New” button located near the top of the screen.  Make sure you click the word “New” rather than the arrow alongside:

New Icon

You should now see the following screen shot.  If you get prompted regarding pop-up windows you’ll need to allow them from

Compose Message Screen
[ click to view a full sized version ]

You can now write your email as you would in any other mail programme.  Above we’ve highlighted a few of the key features you’re likely to use.


Sending to a 'Distribution List'

Agility Mail allows you to have distribution lists configured to easily send messages to groups of users.  Contact the Agility Mail support team if you would like a distribution list to be setup.  Once setup you can use the “To” button (see above) to select them from the list of recipients.

Distribution lists are always named with the following convention where ABC001 is replaced with your own company prefix:



Using the Calendar

Use the calendar button in the bottom left of the screen to access the calendar:


The calendar screen can be a little daunting on first glance; however after a little use it is actually very simple.

Below we’ve highlighted some of the key features you’ll need to use.

Calendar View [click to view full size]
[ click to view a full sized version ]


Creating an Appointment (Meeting, Event etc)

When you click the “New” button you’ll see the following screen.

Create Calendar Entry

Creating an appointment is almost the same as creating an email as per the earlier example but it’s worth noting a couple of useful features.

Firstly, if you need to set the appointment to automatically recur (repeat) press the following button:

Recur Appointment

You can also allocate a category, which will colour code the appointment when you are viewing it later.  Press this button and pick a category/colour from the list:

Calendar Category Picker

Using the Contacts Section

You can manage your personal contacts by clicking the “Contacts” button in the bottom left.

Contact Tab

Contact View

Press the “New” button to add a contact and if you want to edit an existing contact double click on them and edit the contact in the pop up window.  Ensure you press “Save and Exit” when you have finished editing

As with the calendars you can create separate groups of contacts.  In the above example we have the default “contacts” group as well a second custom group named “personal”.  You can see them in the right hand panel.  If you want to create a new group just click “Create New Folder” and then fill in the pop up screen with the details.


Using Tasks

The tasks screen is accessed by clicking the “Tasks” button in the bottom left of the screen.

Task Tab

On the screen shot below a variety of tasks are shown.  Overdue tasks are always shown in red text whilst completed tasks are shown as being struck through.  Use the “Show:” radio button on the left of the screen to show specific groups of tasks. 

Task View
[ click to view a full sized version ]

Tasks can be created here by clicking the “New” button at the top of the page although it’s more common to use an email you have received to create a task.  If you want to create a task from an email please re-read the instructions at the start of the document regarding managing emails.

Additional Options

To access the options screen click the options button located in the top right of the screen:

Options Bar

The options screen is broken into various sections which can be navigated using the list on the left of the screen.

In the screen below we are in the “Messaging” section.  Here you can configure a signature and change the default email format.

Options Screen

If you need to amend the spell check defaults click on “Spelling” on the list and make the relevant changes.

When in the “Options” screen, you must always make your change then click the “Save” button at the top of the screen.  You must do this on each individual screen you amend or your settings will be lost.

Setting the "Out of Office" Assistant

Out of office assistant allows you to configure a message to be sent automatically in reply to messages sent to you in your absence. Out of office assistant can be set via webmail, firstly select options from the menu at the top right of the screen:

Options Tab

Now from the menu on the left select “Out of office assistant”.

Out of Office

Ensure you scroll right to the bottom of the page as there are two parts to fill in.  The first part is a reply sent to internal email users whereas the latter part will be sent to people that have emailed you from outside of the organisation.

Once you have entered all the relevant fields you must press the “Save” button to keep your settings.


If you require any further assistance with Web Mail Access, please contact Support.